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A super E.bike for all terrain riding.

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Designed, Engineered and Made in Australia


1500Watts mid drive motor performance with our industry leading 52V battery packs


  • Trying is believing.  "This motor equipped with the torque sensor just feels so much better" - Daniel Djoenaidi (Sydney)
  • Bafang G510/M620 uses tri-sensors to assist your ride including torque sensor, speed sensor & cadence sensor.  
  • The G510 motor core is physically larger than any motor out there. One will be utterly impressed by its uncompromising torque power - 160N.M 
  • Long Range Mode: 25amps 1500watts motor power
  • Top speed is still 55kmh+




NEXUS IS THE FUTURE. WE LOVE IT! - The ultimate all-terrain electric bike!


Let's talk about gears. A cassette (gears) is needed to help the ebike motor to extend the power range. However, the Nexus Shimano Internal Gear system is a much better choice for ebike systems!

Main benefits:

  • Nexus uses the single speed chain which is the strongest of all bike chains to handle the tear and wear.
  • There is no "strange"  side-way chain movement going up and down the cassette when under the load. 
  • Power delivery is more smooth & efficient as the chain line remains straight.
  • Internal gears can shift standing still without pedaling (at traffic lights)
  • Internal gears are hidden from the dirt, sand or oil ...
  • A cassette system will need to be replaced every  3-6 months due to the motor power. NEXUS should last years if safely used.

Note: Nexus has a clutch inside. Ease off the pedalling and stop the motor power to safely shift between gears.






Who builds this bike for you ?

Each "XT" is hand-built by VOLT to our new 2019 manufacturing standard. Made in Australia.


  • Bafang M620 /G510 Drive System Off road enduro riding ONLY. 1500Watts Motor Power with Throttle. Private Property only. |
  • (New) VOLT own DPC13 Mini Display; Power metre, Battery life (voltage), Speedometer ...
  • Top Speed 60+ kmh. Real world test result with 2.6inch off road tyre on a full suspension.
  • Battery - Downtube style with 3 bolts and soldered on holes to reduce the battery shake-ness.
  • Gears - 1 x 7 Speeds (13T -31T) Modified Shimano Altus 8 System with 11t blocked 
  • OR
  • Shimano Nexus 3 - Front 44T and Rear 16T (Recommended) 
  • Hydraulic Brakes - Shimano MT200 with external brake sensor or VOLT 1.0 Hydraulic brakes depending on the availability  
  • German Tyre Schwalbe 27.5 x 2.25 Smart Sam or 27.5 x 2.0 Energiser; depending on the availability
  • Fork - VOLT 100mm-120mm travel suspension fork
  • Rear Shock - coil shock 120mm travel 
  • Front & Rear 6V lights are included
  • Kick Stand is included
  • Free gift - integrated phone hold is included


You may want to upgrade to:

  • VOLT 4 piston E-Brakes
  • VOLT 120mm Air Suspension
  • VOLT integrated Drop post






Australian Dealers


  • VOLT SYDNEY - Contact 0487 163 447 
  • VOLT Melbourne - Make your booking :)
  • Luna Mate - Perth, WA / Call to arrange a local test ride  - 08 9303 9582
  • Interested in becoming our dealer in your city? Contact us at volt.eBike@gmail.com






E.bike Specific means better engineering, performance & durability 

  • Reinforced aluminum 6061 heavy duty frame made by a Taiwanese factory
  • CNCed rear shock linkage designed in Taiwan and made for the e.bike weight and performance
  • All new E.bike specific German Schwalbe tyre
  • VOLT engineered dual chain guides to properly "lock up" the chain on the bike
  • VOLT engineered 45kmh 6V front light & DUAL rear light wired into the battery & the brake system





How does this motor compare with Bosch, Shimano, Brose, Yamaha.... ?

  • The motor facilitates a wide range of  power and fun from e-push bike to e-motorbike. Choices are buttons away.
  • 10 levels of power settings cater all types of needs from the min assist to the motorbike experience.
  • Equally intuitive with sensors fine tuned by VOLT in Australia
  • Quiet as well considering the amount power it outputs
  • Unrestricted yet controlled pure madness this motor is. Our exclusive firmware 52V/35A is better than the stock 48V/30A version





Industry leading 52V Battery/ Range


Pairing a 52Volts battery with a 48V motor controller has numerous benefits.  It is like bringing an adult to a teenage fight. The performance will be enhanced. The battery will bear less stress and produce less heat. The battery will remain potent for longer.

VOLT modern batteries have a Battery-Management-System (BMS) chip to regular and balance the charging and discharging for both performance and longevity. Our BMS chips (made in Shenzhen, China)  are tested to be efficient and enduring.

Our range estimates are data collected from our customers. At the end of day, Battery watt-hour number is  what's real.






What makes us " Made in Australia" 

Yes. Most parts are imported from Asia/ Europe. but many were to our own requirements and design. We believe in our idea of having the in-house production. It gives us the quality control and the learning ground to improve on engineering & performance.  We've built the first 1000 e.bikes in Sydney. And, we will continue to built more.





VOLT Team Riding a XT




Production Video



Respect road laws. Riding off road e.bikes will lead to penalties



VOLT Wireless Motor Remote - Engineered in Australia



VOLT Customer's Review of XT 2019 :)














  • What is covered under our one year warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
    • The frame and most bike parts


  • What is not covered ?
    • Tyre
    • Brake Pads
    • Chain, Cassete (if apply), Gear tuning
    • Wheel Truing


  • What will void the warranty ?
    • Modifying pre-set top speeds
    • Modifying the parts without our approval
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part


  • Be aware. VOLT does not provide warranty for batteries with internally damaged cells. VOLT does not provide warranty for burnt-out controllers. Both are often caused by running the motor at the full power for too long.




TEXT or CALL National Sales Team - 0487 163 447