VOLT XT.1700Watts – Dual Battery 200Km Range

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Large Frame suitable for riders  170cm Р200cm

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Product Description


Why Dual Battery?


  • Ideal for long distance trek riding /touring.
  • Ideal for people who wishes for more power as well.¬†Two batteries of 140 cells will enhance the motor performance noticeably. Battery will also age slower with decreased stress.
  • The battery will be mounted on the top tube
  • Only¬†suitable for¬†trekking & touring.




Why Nexus / Internal Gears with a throttle ?


  • Single speed chain is thicker and strongest of all so it rarely gets snapped under extreme stress.
  • There is no side-way chain movement going up and down the cassette. The chain stays on the bike almost forever.
  • The single speed sprocket lasts much much longer than a cassette
  • Internal gears can shift standing still without pedaling (at traffic lights)
  • Simple selection 3 gears: climbing, cruising and downhill
  • Internal gears are hidden from the dirt, sand or salt.
  • Paired wit a 2000watts motor throttle control, nexus is super ideal for commuting and off road use


On the other hand,

  • Smash repair is more complicated - requiring experience.
  • Parts are costlier


In the context of super powerful e.bike riding,  internal gears are futuristic and better in terms of reliability, usage and appearance.



10 months in development: Designed, Engineered and Made in Australia

  • Peaking 1700watts with our industry-leading 52V battery pack - producing 160N.M of torque !
  • Trying is believing. ¬†"This motor equipped with the torque sensor just feels so much better" -¬†Daniel Djoenaidi (Sydney)
  • Bafang G510/M620 uses¬†tri-sensors to¬†assist your ride including torque sensor, speed sensor & cadence sensor.
  • The G510 motor core is physically larger than any motor out there - producing higher real-world torque numbers.¬†One will be utterly impressed by its uncompromising torque power!




E.bike Specific means better engineering, performance & durability 

  • Reinforced aluminum 6061 heavy duty¬†frame made by a Taiwanese factory
  • CNCed rear shock linkage designed in Taiwan and made for the e.bike weight and performance
  • Custom built e.bike front forks made by DNM in Taiwan with thicker material and 120-160mm travel
  • All new E.bike specific German Schwalbe tyre
  • Dual piston E.bike hydraulic brakes systems with the integrated brake sensor
  • KMC Z1E. Chain 2x stronger than any standard single speed chain
  • VOLT engineered dual chain guides to properly "lock up" the chain on the bike
  • VOLT engineered 45kmh 6V front light with 1200 lumen





Who builds this bike for you ?


Each "XT" is hand-built by VOLT to our new 2019 manufacturing standard. Made in Australia.

NEXUS + DUAL BATTERY VERSION - 1820Wh battery Energy! Offroad ability Limited. No serious jumping should be allowed. User assumes the liability of the frame.



  • M620 /G510 Drive System ¬†1700Watts Motor Performance¬†
  • Battery - Downtube style with 3 bolts and soldered on holes to reduce the battery shake-ness.
  • Shimano Nexus - Front 42T and Rear 18T¬†sprocket with KMC e.bike Z1E chain
  • Hydraulic Brakes - VOLT custom made dual piston (2nd Generation) with reliable motor cut-off built-in sensors
  • Wheels - Custom made VOLT Extra wide rim wheels with stainless steel spokes : Front thru axle 15mm. Rear QR.
  • Tyre - Premium German SCHWALBE: Smart Sam Plus, ¬†Moto-X ...
  • Tube - Self-repairing Tube
  • Fork - DNM made VOLT front air suspension with 120mm travel. Lock out.
  • Rear Shock - DNM Coil Shock (heavy duty)
  • Removable Kick Stand - Heavy duty to support up tp 50kg - Important because of the added weight and delicate parts..
  • Phone holder (Support 99% of phones) securely mounted in front of the bar to reduce unsafe head movement
  • VOLT Front Light 1200Lumen wired-in








What makes us " Made in Australia" 


We begun importing bike from China like most businesses. We used to check and rebuilt more than 50% of the "already built" bikes. Thus, we had the idea of hand-crafting e.bikes locally ourselves for an odd reason - to save time and money


Yes. All parts are imported from Asia/ Europe but many were to our requirements and design. We reflect on issues that thousands of our riders experienced. One example is that high-end bicycle parts are too fragile to bear the motor torque and "thicker" low end parts just do not perform well. To tackle the challenge, we have poured over a quarter of a million into custom making e.bike specific parts.


We believe what makes us "Made In Aus" is our engineering, assembly quality & service.







  • What is covered under our one year warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
    • The frame and most bike parts


  • What is not covered ?
    • Tyre
    • Brake Pads
    • Chain
    • Cassete (if apply)
    • Derailleur hanger
    • Wheel Truing


  • What will avoid the warranty ?
    • Removing the off road speed limit of 50kmh
    • Modifying the motor parts and controller on your own
    • Modifying the our factory gear setting
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part



TEXT or CALL National Sales Team - 0487 163 447






M620 G510 VS M615 G320(BBSHD)

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