VOLT XT.2000 – FAT (NEW)

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Large Frame suitable for riders  170cm – 200cm

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Designed, Engineered and Made in Australia.

This bike is going to blow up your mind away. It is swift, agile and powerful.




Australia's first mind-blowing 35amps controller - VOLT Exclusive

  • VOLT upgraded the motor's firmware to bring you the peaking 2000watts  & unreal 180N.M of torque !
  • Trying is believing.  "This motor equipped with the torque sensor just feels so much better" - Daniel Djoenaidi (Sydney)
  • Bafang G510/M620 uses tri-sensors to assist your ride including torque sensor, speed sensor & cadence sensor.
  • The G510 motor core is physically larger than any motor out there. One will be utterly impressed by its uncompromising torque power!








Why is VOLT promoting fewer gears?

  • Most importantly, it is because of the reliability.
  • Even the best 10 - 12 speed cassettes can not handle any 1000W+ power. They will wear out pre-maturely within weeks!
  • E.bikes do not need 10+ gears. All E-cars and motorbikes are simply single speed except the one and only two speed Porsche Taycan.
  • We blocked the furthest two gears to improve the chain line angle within the "good" range
  • We want to shift from the high torque gear to the high speed gear as fast as possible. 5 speed shifting is ideal. 7 speeds is tolerable. 12 speeds is "annoying"