VOLT M1000 (40Kmh) SOLD OUT

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Size M/L.  Suitable for riders 160cm – 195cm

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Product Description

Why This Bike ?


  • Supreme 7005 aerospace grade aluminum frame and made in Taiwan. Most frames are 6061.
  • Carbon frame effect: most welding marks are all covered up. You can barely see them.
  • The whole bike is light and nimble with a short chain stay
  • Not a conversion. Built around the frame with no parts wasted and thus no additional charge. Packed with value.
  • Powerful 52V battery pack
  • Rider can maintain a top of 40kmh with ease.





Built to Order ( 2 - 7 days ) Plus shipping time.  Made in Australia


Standard Specs:

  • M215 Mid Drive Motor System with C965 Multifunctional Display - Speed, Range, Battery life... / old name BBS0102B
  • Front Suspension - Hydraulic Coil system - Necessary for a bike weighing nearly 23-25kg.
  • Gears - 1 x 6 Speeds Modified Shimano Altus with 32t or 34t and 11t blocked
  • Gear Sensor - included to cut the motor power to protect the chain and cassette
  • Brakes - Custom made HYDRAULIC Brakes with reliable built in power cut-off sensor
  • Wheels - Custom made VOLT Extra wide rim wheels (Stronger) with stainless steel 27.5inch
  • Tyre - SCHWALBE Premium German Tyre
  • Fork - Custom made Coil Suspension 100mm Travel with Lock out
  • Saddle - custom made "GEL" comfortable seat
  • Shipping Size: 155cm x 80cm x 28cm


VOLT Extras

  • Kick Stand INCLUDED - Heavy duty to support up to 50kg - Important because of the added weight and delicate parts.
  • Satori Seat Post Suspension is highly recommended for extra comfort.
  • Super Bright 6V VOLT designed Front light wired into the battery and securely mounted on the bar for the convenience
  • V. Designed Phone holder (Support 99% of phones) securely mounted in front of the bar to reduce unsafe head movement




Industry leading 52V Battery/ Range


Pairing a 52Volts battery with a 48V motor controller has numerous benefits.  It is like bringing an adult to a teenage fight. The performance will be enhanced. The battery will bear less stress and produce less heat. The battery will remain potent for longer. In short, the higher the voltage, the better.

VOLT modern batteries have a Battery-Management-System (BMS) chip to regular and balance the charing and discharging for both performance and longevity. Our BMS chips (Made in Shenzhen, China) have already been tested for efficiency and endurance. Our batteries also have a cell divider for separate each battery cell for safety and stability.


Our range estimates are data collected from our customers and are not random numbers. At the end of day, Battery watt-hour number is what's real.

Down-tube Battery Options Available for this model:

  • (S) 10ah 52v 520watt-hour energy using CN cells. 2A charger / 6 hour charging time. Up to 50-60km
  • (XL) 17.5ah 52v 910watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 100-120km


For the reference, Bosch or Shimano battery pack is 500watt-hour 36V.


What's included in a battery pack ?

  • Battery
  • Battery mount cradle
  • Keys
  • Chargers




Bicycle Size & Gear Question

Most motorcycles or scooters come in one size only. Ebikes with a powerful motor eliminate the need for different bicycle frame sizes. We use L size frames but we can install shorter or longer stems to accommodate shorter and taller riders. Leave us a note when ordering.


Similarly, most cars or motorcycles would not have more than 5 gears, it is true for ebikes as well. E-bikes actually do not need more than 5. We have chosen 8/9 speeds because no manufacturer is making 5 speeds drive systems.


With the chain dropping off the bike issue, opting for an internal gear system is a solution. A VOLT chain guide is the only real solution to make the chain staying on the front chain ring.



What makes us " Made in Australia" 


We begun importing bike from China like most businesses. We used to check and rebuilt more than 50% of the "already built" bikes. Thus, we had the idea of hand-crafting e.bikes locally ourselves for an odd reason - to save time and money


Yes. All parts are imported from Asia/ Europe but many were to our requirements and design. We reflect on issues that thousands of our riders experienced. One example is that high-end bicycle parts are too fragile to bear the motor torque and "thicker" low end parts just do not perform well. To tackle the challenge, we have poured over a quarter of a million into custom making e.bike specific parts.


We believe what makes us "Made In Aus" is our engineering, assembly quality & service.


TEXT or CALL National Sales Team - 0487 163 447