VOLT is HIRING Mechanic and Admin/Sales

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Product Description

How to Apply ? Candidate MUST address follow points in a cover letter to



- The commitment to a minimum 12 month work contract

- Methods & examples of how you would win a sale & deal with a complaint

- Details of any non-related and related mechanic or technician work experience

- Why do some people buy an e.bike ?


About the Company:

VOLT MOTOR PTY LTD was born in Sydney and a small exciting start-up company focusing on design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of electric bicycles & motorbikes.

We are the leader and pioneer in electric bikes. Despite being small, we are taking on the biggest brands in the world. Our products are beautiful and powerful.


Position Responsibilities:

The technician must be willing to be involved in all roles in the store including customer service, installation & repair and paper work. Our team's priority is to be time efficient and meet customer satisfaction and demands. All team members must pursue effective communication on all levels within the company and with the customers.

Position Requirements:

  • Positive attitude and self-motivated
  • Understood a job/task has to be "completed properly"
  • Repairs on all types of bikes & electric motor battery systems
  • Building new bikes for ground up
  • Continuous training on proper techniques and methods
  • Experience in bicycle repair preferred
  • Eye for detail
If communication and sale is your stronger suit, we can offer you a full time sale manager roleIf you are young and looking for an apprenticeship, we can offer you a trainee role




Where ?

Location: 250 Oxford St. Bondi Junction 2022

Website can be found on google.