VOLT 2000Watts Mid Drive (NEW)

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The complete VOLT motor conversion kit.

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Be aware. This motor is re-engineered and re-built by VOLT's brand new factory in Hangzhou, China.

What's new ?!  Australia's BEST MIND BLOWING mid drive 2000watts 52V mid drive motor.


  • Custom built and completely VOLT engineered controller (not from Bafang) 35-40Amps Peak 2300Watts (but we will call it 2000Watts anyway)
  • Premium Japanese Mos tubes for the controller to improve the reliability and enhance the controller performance
  • 180N.m of monstrous torque vs 160N.m stock
  • The controller and pedal setting is fine-tuned by VOLT's engineering team and it is brutally fun and nice.


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Q & A


Q. Why do we say this motor is the among the best external motor systems out there ?

A. Simply, it has got the power, the torque & reliability. The system is proven after 4 years of selling. It is based on BBSHD and we took the performance to a new level. If you love e.bike power, you will love this.


Q. Is this motor from BAFANG ? Is it based on "BBSHD" or M615 ? Why are you calling a VOLT MOTOR?

A. Yes, the motor "core" and most parts are from Bafang. However, the controller system is made and tuned by VOLT. The motor is assembled in VOLT's own and new factory to our very own standard. We are known for re-servicing Bafang motors in Australia. This time we get it done right from the very beginning.


Q. How is it different from "1000Watts 48V" that others sell ?

A. Pairing with a 52V battery is 10-15% more powerful than any stock version (48V 1000W) out there. 52V also increases the top speed.

Two motors & two bikes consuming the same 1000watts can produce very different acceleration time and torque for the hill. Secondly, the motor power is often discounted when you factor the motor efficiency and drive train efficiency depending on the quality of parts and the engineering effort.

Watts is the energy consumption power on the paper but the real world speed and torque is what really counts "being a powerful system".


Q. What is the top speed and range ?

We set our motor top speed to 50kmh. Removing the speed limit avoids the warranty. However, the theoretical motor top speed for most bikes is 60kmh depending on the road and gear ratio. The range depends on the size of the battery you buy and how you use the motor. The more you depend on the motor , the less range you will get out of the battery. Our range estimate is based on most riders' real world pedalling.

Q. Can I buy 52V batteries else where ?

A. Yes. However, our batteries are mapped & engineered in Australia and made by our own factory in China to meet our the safety & performance standards.



Q. What is the difference with peak power and nominal power ?

A. The nominal power (watts) is the stable average power out under a medium level of stress - like fast jogging. The peak power is like sprinting - the motor is giving all it has. Both numbers are important. VOLT calculates the peak power using fully charged batteries.



Q. Which batteries should I use this to pair ?

A. Ideally, you should use premium cells for 1700watts + motors. Our selection of A-grade Chinese Cells can also handle 1500Watts power max.  In general, low quality and small batteries may not handle the 2000watts well and may grow damaged cells inside.










Why Choose VOLT 52V Lithium Engineered in Australia ?


52V is stronger than 48V. It taps out the "hidden" 8% power of a 48V motor system.

We have made and sold over 1000+ electric bike batteries. We are always in the process of  improving the battery production & performance from customers' feedback. The feedback goes directly to our own VOLT operate factory in KunShan, China. We have engineered and made our own BMS in Shenzhen. They are compact & heavy duty. Our service team is rich in experience dealing with modern electric bike batteries.

Down-tube Battery Options with chargers

  • (M) 12.5ah 52V 650watt-hour energy using CN cells. 2A charger / 7 hour charging time. Up to 60-80km
  • (L) 14ah 52V 730watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 3 hour charging time. Up to 80-90km
  • (XL) 17.5ah 52v 910watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 100-120km




Call National Sales Manager: 0487 163 447







  • What is covered under our one year warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
  • What will avoid the warranty ?
    • Modifying pre-set top speeds
    • Modifying the parts without our approval
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part
  • Be aware. VOLT does not provide warranty for batteries with internally damaged cells. VOLT does not provide warranty for burnt-out controllers. Both are often caused by running the motor at the full power for too long.