VOLITION BOOST 2800Watts 38Amps

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The complete motor conversion kit. The most powerful and amazing one.

Tools are required.

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Product Description


 "The single most powerful system in Australia. Leaving Bafang BBSHD in the dust"

"The best mid drive system in Australia - fine tuned by VOLITION "

" We have sold thousands of Bafang motors. Our Volition conversion kit is better, more reliable, more refined & powerful"





Achievements include:

  • 14 months in development
  • All custom made motor parts including super large fin for heat management
  • Longer and bigger and crazier motor core manufactured by a Chinese military contractor
  • Japanese controller Mos tubes and performance
  • 3 months & many hours of extreme testing (private property) - final version has been confirmed and being delivered.
  • Support all 48V / 52V  /60V battery (natively without user making a change). You can use your existing battery !


VOLITION is our new team and brand. "BOOST" Achievements include:

  • 90A Burst. It means the motor bursting power is over 6000watts!
  • doubling the response time of a standard Bafang motors for crazy acceleration. You should be scared!
  • Peaking around 2800watts with a 38amps controller and a 62V (peak 71.4V) battery
  • All new Sine Wave controller algorithm for the most technologically advanced motor performance
  • Made in Japan MOS tubes for the controller reliability and performance
  • VOLT SYDNEY also offers conversion services $599.9 to electrify (most) regular bikes with our motor and battery kit. Our have done nearly 1000 jobs :)  You will love your new/old!


What's included ?


  • complete motor kit including the cables, display and small parts
  • Premium 42T CNC alloy chainring x 1
  • gear sensor x 1
  • brake sensor x 1



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Q & A

Q. BB Length ?

" Bottom Bracket" is the bottom short tube on the frame near the pedals. The common bike BB length is 68mm/73mm, 90mm , 100mm or 120mm for fat bikes. You should purchase a motor matching your bike's BB length.
Q. Will the battery fit ?
The size (image) is provided. You can use a cardboard to create a similar shape to get an idea. Please also allow additional room for the "pulling up" motion of the battery.

Q. Is this motor from BAFANG ? Is it a re-branding of "BBSHD/ M615 ?

A; This motor system has nothing to do with BAFANG.  VOLT went through the effort and manufactured the motor system ourselves.



Q. How is it different from "1000Watts 48V Bafang" that others sell ?

A. Locally engineered & tuned with improved reliability and performance. More powerful. Faster acceleration. Higher top speeds.



Q. What is the top speed and range ?

We set our motor top speed to 50kmh. Removing the speed limit avoids the warranty. However, the theoretical motor top speed for most bikes is 60kmh+ depending on the road and gear ratio. The range depends on the size of the battery you buy and how you use the motor. The more you depend on the motor , the less range you will get out of the battery. Our range estimate is based on most riders' real world pedalling.



Q. What is the difference with peak power and nominal power ?

A. The nominal power (watts) is the stable average power out under a medium level of stress - like fast jogging. The peak power is like sprinting - the motor is giving all it has. Both numbers are important. VOLT calculates the peak power using fully charged batteries.



Q. Which batteries should I use this to pair ?

A. Ideally, you should use premium cells for 1700watts + motors. Our selection of A-grade Chinese Cells can also handle 1500Watts power max well.  In general, low quality and small batteries may not handle the 2000watts+ well and may grow damaged cells inside.






Why Choose VOLITION Lithium Engineered in Australia ?


We have made and sold over 1000+ electric bike batteries. We are always in the process of  improving the battery production & performance from customers' feedback. The feedback goes directly to our own VOLT operate factory in KunShan, China. We have engineered and made our own BMS in Shenzhen. They are compact & heavy duty. Our service team is rich in experience dealing with modern electric bike batteries.