Sur Ron Light Bee “XR” – Road Legal

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The best and only legal e-motorcycle in Australia

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AUSTRALIA's Main Distributor


Australians will now be able to ride a super fun electric street dirt bike on the roads for the second time after "Zero". Hard work paid off. VOLT has successfully modified the Sur Ron Light Bee "X" to meet  "ADR" requirements and is the distributor in Australia and New Zealand.







Things you need to know !


  •  A motorbike license (learner or higher) is required in NSW. In other states, a car license may do the job. Contact RMS.
  • The registration & CTP cost will be $150 -$200 PY in total depending on where you are (about the same as a 50CC )
  • Road legal speed will be 50Kmh max due to the ADR "LA" class restriction.





Why this bike ?

  • German-award winning design !
  • Peaking nearly 6000watts, the bike flies up the hill and can reach to 80kmh+ top speeds
  • Superb DNM made-in-Taiwan suspension system  engineered from ground up for off road riding
  • All new sine wave controller for finer control and brutal acceleration
  • 2000Wh up to 100km range Panasonic battery
  • light weight dirt bike - easy to carry around






Why buy from VOLT ?


  • VOLT is a full fledged EV manufacturer which has partnered with Sur Ron (China) in 2018 to distribute and support Sur Ron products.
  • VOLT is offering more 7 locations nation wide for test rides and after sale local support.
  • VOLT Sydney offers rental service for Sur Ron E.bikes
  • VOLT  Sydney operates two storages for Sur Ron parts and supply









Get ready for a new thing in the world. It is immensely beautiful and has the ninja power - high torque, low noise & super light. Get ready to explore not just the trails, technically challenging bush tracks but the high mountains and all the way to the top this time.


It's designed to blend in your lifestyle with its low purchase and maintenance cost & the high reliability. It also eliminates the clutch and there is no gear selection & the anxiety of motor stalling,  the electric motor with one gear is just "on" and ready to engage with its full torque at zero rpm. Thus, the riding on technical trails is more approachable than ever before for average riders who may wish to explore further and faster.


"Light Bee (青蜂)”  from Sur Ron China is an insanely fast dirt bike competing with the big brands such as KTM & Bike Zero. The company is founded by the entrepreneur "Liu Zhuo" originally from the China's most successful Alibaba Groups. Sur Ron designed this bike from ground up and custom built every part instead using existing parts. Money wasn't the subject during the production of the bike. The result is astonishing.


"Light bee" has earned the German Red Dot Award for its freshly original and eye-pleasing design in 2018. Even KTM and Zero bikes have bought the bike to study. In addition, Sur Ron has sold more than 5000 "Light Bee"s around the word in 2018 alone. So, join the team!


Sur Ron light bee is also an evolving product.  The all new "X" model 2018 has the upgraded almighty sine-wave controller and as a result, the acceleration feels brutally more powerful, responsive and smoother. The battery life is also exceedingly long lasting. With its 2000Wh massive battery, the ride should last 50km - 80km; enough for most trail riding.


However, Light bee is not about the numbers. Riders around the world have been impressed by its performance off road. Its monstrous torque flies the bike up any steep hill.  At 50kg, this bike feels nimble and the maneuver feels easy and effortless.


VOLT Australia will be distributing Sur Ron's E Bikes and all the spare parts including repair guides to dealers around Australia. Our dedicated authorized centre in Sydney and dealers in other states will be the servicing centres for the after-sale support to our customers. If you have issues with the motor and battery, we will also be able to ship you the replacements.



More about "Light Bee" Enduro Track Dirt Bike

  • All new controller - much beefier ! Easily 73kmh+ top speed. The acceleration is more aggressive.
  • High Torque Mid Drive with two levels of gear reductions for insane torque ( Single speed).
  • Removable 60v 32ah Panasonic 2000Wh Battery.
  • New controller also improves battery energy management. The range is about 60-80km.
  • 50kgs in total
  • 3 hour charging time (10 amp)
  • Sand forged aluminum frame - lightweight and high strength
  • Easy to operate with both standard and sport modes
  • Shipping size: 163cm x 32 cm x 87 cm. 74kg



ABOUT SUR RON (虬龙),  it is a Chinese company based in Chongqing , China -  a manufacturing hub.

It sets a new standard for Chinese manufacturing with their "light bee".

Riders around the world have made comments about how truly well built the bike is.





Australian Dealers


VOLT Electric Bike - Sydney, NSW

Call to arrange a local test ride and pick up  - ‭+61 487 163 447 (TEAM)  - Perth, WA (Exclusive)

Call to arrange a local test ride and pick up  - ‭+61 408 006 955‬ (Rodney) -  Electric Dirt Bike - Brisbane (Exclusive)

Call to arrange a local test ride  - 0403 260 779 (Kal)


Wild Power Energy Solutions - Kings Gate,  NSW 2370

Ph: 02 6733 5376 / 0428 335 376 (Thomas Jehne)

Bikeminded  - Blue mountain , NSW 2782

Ph: (02) 4757 4607 (Tristan) - Canberra, ACT (Exclusive)

Call & Email Us your interest in a local test ride - 0400 030 784 (Will)


Melbourne Test Ride - Coming in JULY 2019!




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