“ST” Fire Blue 540

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540Wh 52V Battery system & 2.5amps Charger (5.5 Hour) included

Cassette System

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VOLT is the true pioneer in technology in Australia.




All new 2020 VOLT ST.1000 is an all-around electric bike. We still chose the external pack design because it gives customers battery options and the connivence. The internal gear is the future of e.bikes and we are on the front line. Bafang M400 is powerful and road legal motor that is also quieter than competition.


  • Road Legal Motor 250W /90N.m Torque / Peak 1000watts - tuned by VOLITION in Australia ( Our motor feels significantly differently from the stock version)
  • VOLT engineered alarm system built-in. No one is taking bike theft as seriously as we are.
  • Designed and engineered in Sydney Australia (home brewed)
  • Tested, refined & made in Australia. You won't find another bike at this quality level at the price range.
  • Powerful 52V battery pack
  • Light & Strong frame
  • Agile ride for the fun
  • External battery for the easy removing






Who builds this bike for you ?

Each "ST" is hand-built by VOLT in Australia.  This is something no others are doing.


Specification (CASSETE version) :

  • M400 /G330 Bafang road legal motor system with both pedal torque and throttle control (world exclusive to VOLT)
  • 540Wh 52V Battery system & 2.5amps Charger included
  • VOLITION own controller firmware - finely tuned in Australia
  • Battery - Downtube style with 3 bolts and soldered on holes to reduce the battery shake-ness.
  • Suspensions:  VOLT coil Fork suspension with lock out. You can lock the suspension for a rigid riding feel.
  • Gears - Shimano 1 x 8 altus system with KMC Chain
  • Dual Piston Hydraulic Brakes with 180mm and 160mm rotors
  • Wheels - Custom made Mavic rim 29 wheels or 27.5 wheels with quick releases - depending on the stock level.
  • Specific Tyre - Schwalbe marathon 28x1.75
  • Front light is installed and wired to the battery. LED Rear light is not included and can be purchased
  • Alarm is installed and wired to the battery. Warning: Alarm uses the battery energy. Storing the bike for months with the alarm ON should be avoided.
  • Removable Kick Stand included
  • Mud Guard is not included.


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Phone Holder 

Mug Guard

Rear LED light 

Amazing Suntour Seat Suspension! (our favourite upgrade)





About the M400 motor


VOLT boosts up the power from 13amps to 17amps and 48V to 52V. Now the motor pumps up to 90N.m of torque and 1000watts of power. VOLT also upgraded the firmware to support the throttle for the added convenience. However this motor is not suitable for throttle only riding. The top motor speed is around 40-45km on the flat roads but the law only allows for 25kmh.


The mid-drive motor measures sensors at pedals at a frequency of up to 80k Hz via a torque sensor and two speed sensors. The result is that "the harder you push , the more more power you get from the motor. The M400 Drive System puts the rider in complete control. In spite of the power, the motor operates in virtual silence. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly easier and improve service.