“Ludicrous” 2000Watts 910Wh

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The single most powerful system in Australia by the Specialist – VOLITION

We tend to use Polygon and Norco Storm to convert.

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Product Description


35amps 52V 2000wats motor performance - engineered in Australia. 12 months in making.

  • Powerful 2000watts performance
  • Up to 160N.m of torque at the rear
  • Fine-tuned VOLT pedal settings for an intuitive feedback from the motor
  • Industry leading 52V 910Wh powerful battery pack; 3 hour charging time with our fast charger




Built to Order ( 2 - 7 days )


Standard Specs:

  • Mid Drive Motor System with C13 Colour Multifunctional Display (left) - Speed, Range, Battery life...
  • Cassette Gear  - 1 x 7 Speeds System (with 11T blocked )
  • Gear Sensor - to cut the motor power and protect the chain and drive system when shifting
  • Front Chain guide - included to make sure the chain does not fall out off the chain ring.
  • Brakes -  Hydraulic Oil Brakes with a motor cut off sensor on the left rear brake


Additional upgraded (included)

  • Satori Seat Post Suspension is included to replace stock rigid post for commuting with extra comfort.
  • VOLITION designed 6V front and rear LED lights; wired into the battery and securely mounted for the convenience


Other products you may need:

VOLT Phone Holder Mounted on the bar

Rear LED Light (smart motion sensor)



















  • What is covered under our one year warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
    • The frame and most bike parts


  • What is not covered ?
    • Tyre
    • Brake Pads
    • Chain, Cassete (if apply), Gear tuning
    • Wheel Truing


  • What will void the warranty ?
    • Modifying pre-set top speeds
    • Modifying the parts without our approval
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part


  • Be aware. VOLT does not provide warranty for batteries with internally damaged cells. VOLT does not provide warranty for burnt-out controllers. Both are often caused by running the motor at the full power for too long.