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VOLT E.1200watts (or 250watts ) MOTOR is manufactured by our contractor Bafang China for VOLT - Motor Code G340 (Old Name BBS)



Please note: Bafang 250Watts 350Watts 500Watts 750Watts are the exactly same motors with different software limits imposed.




Who are BAFANG ?    Best & Only Powerful Mid Drive Motors


Most influential Brands of motors are Bosch (Germany), Brose (Germany), Shimano (Japan),  Yamaha (Japan) and then the Bafang from China.

Bafang is the most reputable, experienced and "strongest" manufacturer in China and more importantly, the only and best high current / power electric motor producer in the world.


  • We import directly from the factory (Suzhou, China)
  • We rebuilt the motor with better greasing and quality check in Sydney.
  • We tune the motor controller with our own tested settings for the performance our customers want.
  • We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China to guarantee that the final quality check is up to our standard.
  • We are also capable to strip down the motor and battery for the servicing and repair.  We stock all parts for our customers and dealers to provide our national support.


On the market, there are also hub motor E.bikes. No vehicles have motor in their wheels for a reason. The mid drive motor send the power through the chain to facilitate the 7-11 gears. Having gears is beneficial. Climbing hills is more efficient (or possible)


Motor Name M215 ( 8 years + old Model)

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG G340 motor.
  • 22amps controller
  • Top Speed around 40-45kmh.
  • Brake Sensor x 1(only)  are included.
  • Gear sensor is not included but you can find them separately in our store.


Motor Name M615 Peaking 1500Watts (4 years + old model and a revamped and much improved model of M215)

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG G320 motor
  • 30amps controller
  • Top Speed 50-55Kmh.
  • Brake Sensor x 1(only)  are included.
  • Gear sensor is not included but you can find them separately in our store.


Please note Bafang Motor 250watts 350Watts 500Watts 750watts 1000watts are just stickers. We tune the "blank" motor core and thus the watts ourselves and we can set it to any number.



What's included 


  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Display
  • Chainring 46T
  • Speed sensor
  • Pedal arms
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Small parts & cables




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