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Product Description

VOLT ELECTRIC BIKE is the most experienced e.bike production team reaching over 1000 + jobs done. We've built a comprehensive portfolio of issues and solutions for converting a push bike into an electric one.




How does it work?

  • Bring us a bike (new or used) to our Sydney store for a professional conversion to an ebike.
  • Or Tell us which new bike you want, we will buy it for you and convert the bike for you and send it to you. All hassle free.




What are included ?

  • Professional Installation and Testing. Labour is non-refundable.
  • Motor  x 1
  • Battery  x 1
  • Accessory included
  • Strong after sale Support !




About G340 BBS Peaking 1200Watts


Q. On the market, there are BBS0102B 250W 350W 500W 750Watts. Why is VOLT claiming they are all the same ?

A. The hardware of BBS motor is exactly the same for all watts versions. The difference is only the firmware in the controller.


Q. Why is VOLT choose 600Watts Nominal (Peaking 1200Watts)

A. After playing with the firmware for a long time and selling hundreds of these motors, we think the safest setting for the motor is 22Amps while the motor still provides ample power especially paired with our 52V batteries.


Q. What is the difference with peak power and nominal power ?

A. The nominal power (watts) is the stable average power out under a medium level of stress - like fast jogging. The peak power is like sprinting - the motor is giving what it has. Both numbers are important. VOLT calculates the peak power using fully charged 52v batteries.


Q. Why does VOLT do the adding high-temp grease, checking the screws as well as adding extra silicone water-sealing gel

A. They are extra work but worth it. Stock motors' grease is inadequate and more is required to make the gears running well longer. Some of the motors brand new out of the box have loose screws on them which worried us and prompted a mandatory check on all new motors. Lastly, water protection is important. Both of the controller and the core are sealed by a thin piece of rubber only. Adding extra gel around the rubber fills up the gap nicely so the motor can last longer in the rain.







About G320 BBSHD Peaking 2000Watts


Q. Is this motor the same as the nominal 1000Watts 48V?

A. The motor hardware is the same. The difference is in the controller firmware. The stock version is 30Amps current while ours is the exclusive 35Amps. Thus, our motor pairing with a 52V battery is 25% more powerful than any stock version (48V) out there. Also, the torque is the whopping 180N.m comparing to 160N.m max on the stock version.


Q. Can I buy 52V batteries else where ?

A. Yes. However, our batteries are mapped, engineered & test in Australia and made by our own factory in China to ensure the safety


Q. Can I change the settings myself on my existing G320 BBSHD from 30 to 35Amps

A. No. It is not a setting via a programming cable. The change is set via re-writing the codes of the controller language (all 0 & 1s). VOLT has worked very hard to have successfully manipulated the controller firmware on our own. The performance is pleasing.


Q. Is BBSHD truly better than BBS

A. 100% so much better. We strongly recommend the BBSHD over BBS ( if you have to do a conversion). The motor is properly engineered in every way including heat management, gear design & the quality of the components. However,  the best motor title goes to our VOLT re-tuned M620 G510 Peaking 2000watts with the torque sensor.






Who are BAFANG ?    Best & Only Powerful Mid Drive Motors


Most influential Brands of E.bike motors are Bosch (Germany), Brose (Germany), Shimano (Japan),  Yamaha (Japan) and then the Bafang from China.

We have chosen Bafang for a few reasons. It is the most reputable, experienced and "strongest" manufacturer in China and more importantly, the only and best high current / power electric motor producer in the world.


  • We import directly from the factory and we rebuilt the motor with better greasing and screws check in Sydney.
  • We tune the motor controller with our own tested settings for the performance our customers want.
  • We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China to guarantee that the final quality check is up to our standard.
  • We are also capable to strip down the motor and battery for the servicing and repair.
  • We stock spare motor parts for our customers and dealers to provide our nation wide support.


On the market, there are also hub motor E.bikes. No vehicles have motor in their wheels for a reason. The mid drive motor send the power through the chain to facilitate the 7-11 gears. Having gears is beneficial. Climbing hills is more efficient (or possible)


Motor Name M215 ( 8 years + old Model) Old name BBS02B

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG G340 motor.
  • 40Kmh speed motor
  • 22amps controller
  • Brake Sensor and gear sensor are now included.


Motor Name M615  (4 years + old model) Out of the date name BBSHD

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG G320 motor
  • 50kmh speed motor
  • 30amps controller
  • Brake Sensor & Gear sensor are now included


VOLT Chain guide is the ultimate solution to keep the chain stay on the chainring. Expensive Aftermarket Lekkie Bling rings are not effective. Also, all newer version Bafang motors come with narrow wide chainrings by default. Hence, we highly recommend the chain guide to prevent chain falling off and get sucked into any gaps and break things apart especially under the full motor power.





Industry leading 52V Battery/ Range


We manufacture our own batteries.

Pairing a 52Volts battery with a 48V motor controller has numerous benefits.  It is like bringing an adult to a teenage fight. The performance will be enhanced. The battery will bear less stress and produce less heat. The battery will remain potent for longer.

VOLT modern batteries have a Battery-Management-System (BMS) chip to regular and balance the charing and discharging for both performance and longevity. Our BMS chips (Made in Shenzhen, China) have already been tested to be efficient and enduring.

Our range estimates are data collected from our customers and are not random numbers. At the end of day, Battery watt-hour number is  what's real.


Down-tube Battery Options:

  • (M) 12.5ah 52V 650watt-hour energy using CN cells. 2A charger / 7 hour charging time. Up to 60-80km
  • (L) 14ah 52V 730watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 3 hour charging time. Up to 80-90km
  • (XL) 17.5ah 52v 910watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 100-120km

For the reference, Bosch or Shimano battery pack is 500watt-hour 36V.


What's included in a battery pack ?

  • Battery
  • Battery mount cradle
  • Keys
  • Chargers





What makes us " Made in Australia" 


We often see disbelief in people's expression. Our first batch of generic e.bikes imported from Hangzhou, China had so many small issues. We pretty much rebuilt every one of them. Thus, we had the idea of hand-crafting e.bikes locally ourselves for an odd reason - to save time and money


Yes. All parts are imported from Asia/ Euro but many were to our requirements and design. And what we want to see from the parts is a reflection of we have learnt from hand-building over 1000+ e.bikes and innate issues surrounding e.bikes. One example is that high-end bicycle parts are too fragile to bear the motor torque and "thicker" low end parts just do not perform well. We have poured over a quarter of a million into custom making e.bike specific parts.




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