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The most amazing electric bike designed to be so.

Suitable for riders 160cm – 200cm.


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This is the most "fun" bike we ever tried. It is so powerful with crazy torque numbers. It shoots out like a bullet and eats hills for breakfast and lunch. With the new suspension, it takes out all the bumps off the road and enhance the riding experience to a new level. Both CR and MAX have been voted by VOLT team members to be our favourite e-bicycle in 2019!


  • (New) front coil suspension 80mm travel. Now the ride is even more awesome and comfortable. 
  • (New) Built-in Anti-Theft Alarm System - Vibration sensor alarm system 
  • (New) newly designed VOLT rear light
  • Industry leading 52v 12.5ah or 17.5ah! battery power pack
  • Narrow-wide seat to reduce inner thigh rubbing
  • 4inch road tyre for smooth road riding
  • Top speed of 50kmh+
  • Both pedal assist and throttle control
  • Up to 180N.m of torque. This bike shoots like a bullet!





Which "CR" is for me ?

  • CR Pro or CR ? Pro has a suspension, alarm system and better brakes, tyre, drive system... Pro's motor is much more powerful! CR is more affordable.
  • 650Wh or 910Wh battery ? It depends on that if your daily ride is 40km+ or 80km+








What's on the bike ?


Standard Specs:

  • Bafang Mid Drive G320 BBSHD Motor System - finely tuned in Australia 
  • Bafang Cp18 Colour Display
  • Frame: 6061 custom frame with curvy tubes to house the battery
  • Gear  - 1 x 7 Speeds Shimano System
  • Chainring: 46T Steel or 42T narrow wide CNCed alloy ring
  • Brake System: VOLT  Hydraulic Oil Brakes with motor cut-off sensor.
  • Wheels - 20inch x  4inch wheels with Kenda gravel tyre
  • Kick Stand - heavy duty
  • Throttle is included and can be removed by request.
  • Battery system was engineered by VOLT Australia
  • The front night is always when the battery is on. The rear light can be turned on and off via a display button.
  • Built-in alarm which detects vibration and sets off the alarm when the system is activated. The alarm uses the battery therefore it should be turned off if the bike is to be stored for weeks or longer.
  • Pre-assembled in China to our exact requirements of standards


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Australian Dealers / Test Ride


Melbourne Brunswick Test Ride Event 

Available NOW / Call 0487 163 447 to make a booking


SYDNEY VOLT Electric Bike, NSW

Call to arrange a local test ride and pick up  ‭+61 487 163 447 (TEAM)




Bafang Motor with the VOLITION controller System. Australia's only and exclusive 35Amps 52V Bafang controller!


  • Crazily powerful 2000watts performance - Exclusive VOLT own firmware 35Amps 52V
  • We do not use the stock firmware. We've spent years tuning the motor performance to a higher level.
  • Monstrous < 180N.m of torque (Standard BBSHD G320 has only 160NM)
  • Fine-tuned VOLT controller settings and intuitive feedback
  • We also offer the VOLT 42T chainring upgrade with higher torque and better chain retention.
  • We can only pair 17.5ah 52V 910Wh Samsung battery with this motor. 
  • We can offer the 12.5ah 52v battery at a $300 cheaper if you prefer a detuned 1500Watts motor power.





Why Choose VOLT 52V Lithium Engineered in Australia ?


52V is stronger than 48V. It taps out the "hidden" 8% power of a 48V motor system.

We have made and sold over 1000+ electric bike batteries. We are always in the process of  improving the battery production & performance from customers' feedback. The feedback goes directly to our own VOLT operate factory in KunShan, China. We have engineered and made our own BMS in Shenzhen. They are compact & heavy duty. Our service team is rich in experience dealing with modern electric bike batteries.

Down-tube Battery Options with chargers

  • (M) 12.5ah 52V 650watt-hour energy using CN cells. 2A charger / 7 hour charging time. Up to 60-80km
  • (L) 14ah 52V 730watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 3 hour charging time. Up to 80-90km
  • (XL) 17.5ah 52v 910watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 100-120km





















  • What is covered under our one year warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
    • The frame and most bike parts


  • What is not covered ?
    • Tyre
    • Brake Pads
    • Chain, Cassete (if apply), Gear tuning
    • Wheel Truing


  • What will void the warranty ?
    • Modifying pre-set top speeds
    • Modifying the parts without our approval
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part


  • Be aware. VOLT does not provide warranty for batteries with internally damaged cells. VOLT does not provide warranty for burnt-out controllers. Both are often caused by running the motor at the full power for too long.