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910Wh 52V Battery system & 5amps Charger (3 Hour) included

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Product Description

VOLT City Cargo is a well priced and powerful that can cruise at 40kmh leisurely. The bike was designed for urban cargo riding and extensive Uber Eats work featuring an upright riding position, dual battery, built-in anti theft alarm & integrated lights, rack & mud guards. Trust us that you will not find a fully equiped at this price range.


To outlast the weather & extensive use, we carefully selected each and every single part of the bike such as the German marathon tyre, VOLT hydraulic brakes for e.bikes, "Dual" front & seat suspension, heavy-duty stainless wheels & the reputable Bafang motor system.


This bike comes a full package with nothing to add on or upgrade. The ride is comfortable, powerful & easy to operate. The pannier rack supports 4-bolt child seats for the family time in the park.









  • "Super"Powered by VOLT made 52V batteries - industry first
  • Road legal 250Watts with peaking power nearly 1000watts
  • Motor speed is 25kmh and no throttle. Respect the law.
  • Or Private mode is 40kmh and throttle enabled. The change is semi-permanent. There is no switch onboard.
  • 910Wh 52V Battery system & 5amps Charger (3 Hour) included
  • Exclusive built-in anti theft alarm system
  • Support dual battery set up with built-in module 
  • Built in alarms and wireless switch including remotely switching off the system 
  • Schwalbe tyre for better puncture protection
  • Built-in front and rear lights - with the braking warning effect
  • Uno seat suspension and city style saddle 
  • VOLT Hydraulic E.brakes (1.0) with 160mm rotors
  • Shimano Altus speed drive system
  • 27.5inch stainless spoke heavy duty wheels
  • Mud guards, kick stands, derailleur guard & integrated pannier rack
  • A free steel folding lock is included
  • Assembled in China with 70% Taiwanese small parts to VOLT Australia's standards



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Who are BAFANG ?    Best & Only Powerful Mid Drive Motors


Most influential Brands of motors are Bosch (Germany), Brose (Germany), Shimano (Japan),  Yamaha (Japan) and then the Bafang from China.

We have chosen Bafang for a few reasons. It is the most reputable, experienced and "strongest" manufacturer in China and more importantly, the only and best high current / power electric motor producer in the world.


  • We import directly from the factory and we rebuilt the motor with better greasing and screws check in Sydney.
  • We tune the motor controller with our own tested settings for the performance our customers want.
  • We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China to guarantee that the final quality check is up to our standard.
  • We are also capable to strip down the motor and battery for the servicing and repair.
  • We stock spare motor parts for our customers and dealers to provide our nation wide support.








Industry leading 52V Battery/ Range


Pairing a 52Volts battery with a 48V motor controller has numerous benefits.  It is like bringing an adult to a teenage fight. The performance will be enhanced. The battery will bear less stress and produce less heat. The battery will remain potent for longer.

VOLT modern batteries have a Battery-Management-System (BMS) chip to regular and balance the charging and discharging for both performance and longevity. Our BMS chips (made in Shenzhen, China)  are tested to be efficient and enduring.

Our range estimates are data collected from our customers. At the end of day, Battery watt-hour number is  what's real.






Bicycle Size Question

Most motorcycles or scooters come in one size only. Ebikes with a powerful motor eliminate the need for different bicycle frame sizes. We mostly use M/L size frames but we can install shorter or longer stems to accommodate shorter and taller riders. Leave us a note when ordering.


The motor prefer a smaller 26inch wheel for the higher spinning speed but the (most) rider prefers a bigger 29inch/700c wheel for the pedaling speed. Thus, we settle down on 27.5inch wheels.









  • What is covered under our one year warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
    • The frame and most bike parts


  • What is not covered ?
    • Tyre
    • Brake Pads
    • Chain
    • Cassete (if apply)
    • Derailleur hanger
    • Wheel Truing
    • Motor core burn out


  • What will avoid the warranty ?
    • Removing the off road speed limits
    • Modifying the motor parts and controller on your own
    • Modifying the our factory gear setting
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part