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Large Frame suitable for riders  170cm Р200cm

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Pre order only $400 deposit to reserve your place and get $100 cash back!   Contact Us.  Coming in Jan, 2019!


Due to popular demand, "Max" stands for maxing out now comes in: Dual Battery 1800Wh 52V, Internal Nexus, Pannier Rack for the ultimate long haul adventure.




Designed, Engineered and Made in Australia


Every frame tube was first drawn and then 3D modeled. We went through three stages of prototypes to maximize its potential. Brakes, lights, wheels, cassette... are all custom made for VOLT.  Truly Australia designed, prototyped and assembled in Sydney Australia! 


  • We were deeply involved the production of many parts made in Asia. The fact after spending 10 months & $90,000+ in R&D and it is still not available shows our determination making an E.bike that has all.
  • Custom made premium 6061 frame from a Taiwanese factory with the mind to be E Bike specific.
  • Made in Taiwan Suspensions: front suspension, rear shock and dropout ensure the premium and complete experience.
  • Premium Schwalbe Tyre and custom made E.bike specific hydraulic brakes offer the tremendous stopping performance.
  • VOLT designed LED lights (Front and Back) connected to the battery and the brakes offer the cool rear braking effect.
  • VOLT designed chain guide specific to the motor "locks" the chain so you can go wild and the chain just stays on.¬†
  • We have taken our prototypes for extensive test rides in the past 3 months (Manly, Blue mountains, Thredbo ..) to tune and polish for its full potential.¬†


Now about the motor:

Equipped with the mighty Bafang M620 system which uses tri-sensors to assist your ride including torque sensor, speed sensor & cadence sensor. Peaking around 1600watts, its mid drive nature and torque sensor gives a killer performance at climbing the steepest hill. This motor producing 160N.M is the most powerful bicycle motor on the market.  You will be utterly impressed by its uncompromising torque power!


"Max" is categorized as a full suspension electric dirt bike or electric motor bike for off road use due to its power and utility have risen into the motorcycle world.




Built to Order. Proudly VOLT E.


Premium Version Ôľą2019ÔľČNEXUS VERSION. ¬†Recommended for a more hassle-free experience. Offroad ability limited.


  • M620 Drive System ¬†- Peak 1600W with 52 battery (OFF ROAD Enduro Riding ONLY)
  • Top Speed 60+ kmh. Real world test result with 2.6inch off road tyre on a full suspension one.
  • Battery - Downtube style with 3 bolts and soldered on holes to reduce the battery shake-ness.
  • Gears - 1 x 3 Speeds Shimano Internal hub gear 3 System. Almost zero maintenance (until it breaks eventually)
  • Chain - KMC E.bike X1 thicker and stronger single speed chain
  • Hydraulic Brakes - VOLT custom made (2nd Generation) with reliable motor cut-off built-in sensors
  • Wheels - Custom made VOLT Extra wide rim wheels with stainless steel spokes : Front thru axle 15mm. Rear QR.
  • Tyre - SCHWALBE ¬†27.5 x 2.6 Smart Sam, 2.4 Moto-X
  • Tube - Kenda Self-Repairing Liquid pre-installed
  • Fork - DNM Thru axle 15mm Front AIR SUSPENSION with 120mm travel and lockout
  • Rear Shock -DNM 42AR with no lock out with 120mm travel


VOLT Extras

  • Kick Stand INCLUDED - Heavy duty to support up tp 50kg - Important because of the added weight and delicate parts.
  • Drop-post - DNM CSD with a handle release button - Super convenient
  • Dual Chain guide - VOLT designed CNC produced to Locks up the chain - every pro rider uses them
  • Tubeless Tyre - ¬†Increased reliability but higher costs
  • Super Bright 6V VOLT designed Front light wired into the battery and securely mounted on the bar for the convenience
  • V. Designed Phone holder (Support 99% of phones) securely mounted in front of the bar to reduce unsafe head movement




Australian Dealers


Luna Mate - Perth, WA

Call to arrange a local test ride  - 08 9303 9582



Call to arrange a local test ride  - 02 6456 1988 / info@sacredride.com.au


Electric Bike - Brisbane, QLD

Call to arrange a local test ride  - 0418 724 534


Wheelie Amped - Canberra, ACT

Call & Email Us your interest in a local test ride - 0400 030 784


Interested in becoming our dealer ? Contact us at volt.eBike@gmail.com




Who are BAFANG ?    Best & Only Powerful Mid Drive Motors


Most influential Brands of E.bike motors are Bosch (Germany), Brose (Germany), Shimano (Japan),  Yamaha (Japan) and then the Bafang from China.

We have chosen Bafang for a few reasons. It is the most reputable, experienced and "strongest" manufacturer in China and more importantly, the only and best high current / power electric motor producer in the world.


  • We import directly from the factory and we rebuilt the motor with better greasing and screws check in Sydney.
  • We tune the motor controller with our own tested settings for the performance our customers want.
  • We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China to guarantee that the final quality check is up to our standard.
  • We are also capable to strip down the motor and battery for the servicing and repair.
  • We stock spare motor parts for our customers and dealers to provide our nation wide support.


On the market, there are also hub motor E.bikes. No vehicles have motor in their wheels for a reason. The mid drive motor send the power through the chain to facilitate the 7-11 gears. Having gears is beneficial. Climbing hills is more efficient (or possible)


Motor Name M620 Peaking 1600watts ( 1 year + old Model)

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG G510 motor.
  • Peak 1600Watts 52V 30A. Programmed settings.
  • Tri-sensors: Torque, Speed, Cadence


Please note Bafang Motor 250watts 350Watts 500Watts 750watts 1000watts are just stickers. We tune the "blank" motor core and thus setting the "watts" ourselves to any number - usually 250watts road legal nominal , 1000watts Peak or 1500watts Peak




Industry leading 52V Battery/ Range


Pairing a 52Volts battery with a 48V motor controller has numerous benefits.  It is like bringing an adult to a teenage fight. The performance will be enhanced. The battery will bear less stress and produce less heat. The battery will remain potent for longer.

VOLT modern batteries have a Battery-Management-System (BMS) chip to regular and balance the charing and discharging for both performance and longevity. Our BMS chips (Made in Shenzhen, China) have already been tested to be efficient and enduring.

Our range estimates are data collected from our customers and are not random numbers. At the end of day, Battery watt-hour number is  what's real.


Down-tube Battery Options:

  • (L) 14ah 52V 730watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 3 hour charging time. Up to 80-90km
  • (XL) 17.5ah 52v 910watt-hour energy using Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 100-120km

For the reference, Bosch or Shimano battery pack is 500watt-hour 36V.


What's included in a battery pack ?

  • Battery
  • Battery mount cradle
  • Keys
  • Chargers



Bicycle Size & Gear Question

Most motorcycles or scooters come in one size only. Ebikes with a powerful motor eliminate the need for different bicycle frame sizes. We use L size frames but we can install shorter or longer stems to accommodate shorter and taller riders. Leave us a note.


Similarly, most cars or motorcycles would not have more than 5 gears, it is true for ebikes as well. E-bikes actually do not need more than 5. We have chosen 8/9 speeds because no manufacturer is making 5 speeds drive systems.


VOLT Chain guide is the ultimate solution to keep the chain stay on the chainring. Expensive Aftermarket Lekkie Bling rings are not effective. Also, all newer version Bafang motors come with narrow wide chainrings by default. Hence, we highly recommend the chain guide to prevent chain falling off and get sucked into any gaps and break things apart especially under the full motor power.



What makes us " Made in Australia" 


We often see disbelief in people's expression. Our first batch of generic e.bikes imported from Hangzhou, China had so many small issues. We pretty much rebuilt every one of them. Thus, we had the idea of hand-crafting e.bikes locally ourselves for an odd reason - to save time and money


Yes. All parts are imported from Asia/ Euro but many were to our requirements and design. And what we want to see from the parts is a reflection of we have learnt from hand-building over 1000+ e.bikes and innate issues surrounding e.bikes. One example is that high-end bicycle parts are too fragile to bear the motor torque and "thicker" low end parts just do not perform well. We have poured over a quarter of a million into custom making e.bike specific parts.


We believe what makes us "Made In Aus" is our engineering, assembly quality & service.



TEXT or CALL National Sales Team - 0487 163 447



M620 G510 VS M615 G320(BBSHD)

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