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Pre-Order Only: $500 deposit to receive $100 cash back ! Coming in April 2019.  The production of the motor begins in March 2019.



Why this bike ?


  • The single most crazy electric push bike you can find on this planet with its whopping 2400watts mid drive motor, the bike can "fly" up the hill.
  • Equipped with our latest torque sensor , pedal sensor & speed sensor for the most intuitive riding.
  • All new sine wave controller algorithm for the most technologically advanced motor performance




Built to Order ( 2 - 7 days ) Made in Australia


Standard Specs:

  • VOLT ET 2400 Drive Motor System with Colour Multifunctional Display - Speed, Range, Battery life...
  • Norco Fluid HT 4 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • View the full specs here / www.norco.com/bikes/mountain/trail/fluid-ht-aluminum/fluid-ht-4/
  • Gear  - Modified 1 x 8 Shimano Deore drive system with two gears blocked
  • Gear Sensor - included to cut the motor power and protect the chain and drive system when shifting
  • Brake Sensor - external brake sensor attached on the rear brake lever acting as a clutch.
  • Front Chain guide - included to make sure the chain does not fall out off the chain ring
  • Tyre - 27.5 x 2.8 WTB tyre / Schwalbe Tyre Upgrade avail
  • DNM Drop-post is included.


VOLT Extras

  • Kick Stand INCLUDED - Heavy duty to support up tp 50kg - Important because of the added weight and delicate parts.
  • Super Bright 6V VOLT Front light wired into the battery and securely mounted on the bar for the convenience
  • Phone holder (Support 99% of phones) securely mounted in front of the bar to reduce unsafe head movement



Safety Notice:

  • This bike is strictly for off road mountain bike use. Motor Off road top speed can achieve 60+kmh.
  • For the safety of the bike, please use the rear brake (20% pulled-in) as a clutch to cut the motor power when shifting !




Who are VOLT ET MOTORS ?    Best & Only Powerful Mid Drive Motors


Most influential Brands of E.bike motors are Bosch (Germany), Brose (Germany), Shimano (Japan),  Yamaha (Japan). None of them produce a motor more than 250W nominal. Bafang (China) has been the unicorn on the market to provide high power mid drive motors.


Except, Bafang is holding back in many ways and refuses to absorb any negative feedback from our customers. Nylon gear melting, magnet broken in half, controller burn out, poor heat management ....


VOLT E.T is backed by a group of engineering companies in partnership. Led by VOLT Australian engineers, VOLT E.T has been developing this motor since 2018. All motors are manufactured to VOLT's requirements and standards.


Features include:

  1. Peaking around 2400watts with a 40amps sine wave controller and a 60V battery
  2. All new Sine Wave controller algorithm for the most technologically advanced motor performance
  3. Made in Japan MOS tubes for the controller reliability and performance
  4. T stands for Torque sensor control for the most intuitive riding (Engineered by VOLT)
  5. Magnetic motor core is manufactured by a military contractor to better handle the stress
  6. Support 48V / 52V  /60V battery supply
  7. Super large fin for heat dissipation


On the market, there are also hub motor E.bikes. No vehicles have motor in their wheels for a reason. The mid drive motor send the power through the chain to facilitate the gears. Having gears is beneficial. Climbing hills is more efficient (or possible)




Ground-breaking 60V Battery


  • 60V 14Ah 840Wh Battery Energy
  • Voltage = Water fall potential. The higher, the more efficient.
  • 68 individual Cells of state of the art Samsung 350omah 3C
  • Ideal range could reach 100km range.
  • Maxing-out riding could last 50km.
  • BMS Chips (Shenzhen) to monitor and manage both charging and discharging for better battery life and performance
  • For the reference, Bosch or Shimano battery pack is 500watt-hour 36V.


Manufactured by VOLT RC Battery Technology (China) which was purchased and brought in by VOLT Australia in early 2018 to achieve a higher level of quality management and new product testing capacity.




Bicycle Size Question

Most motorcycles or scooters come in one size only. Ebikes with a powerful motor eliminate the need for different bicycle frame sizes. We mostly use M/L size frames but we can install shorter or longer stems to accommodate shorter and taller riders. Leave us a note when ordering.


The motor prefer a smaller 26inch wheel for the higher spinning speed but the (most) rider prefers a bigger 29inch/700c wheel for the pedaling speed. Thus, we settle down on 27.5inch wheels.




What makes us " Made in Australia" 


We begun importing bike from China like most businesses. We used to check and rebuilt more than 50% of the "already built" bikes. Thus, we had the idea of hand-crafting e.bikes locally ourselves for an odd reason - to save time and money


Yes. All parts are imported from Asia/ Europe but many were to our requirements and design. We reflect on issues that thousands of our riders experienced. One example is that high-end bicycle parts are too fragile to bear the motor torque and "thicker" low end parts just do not perform well. To tackle the challenge, we have poured over a quarter of a million into custom making e.bike specific parts.


We believe what makes us "Made In Aus" is our engineering, assembly quality & service.





  • What is covered under our warranty
    • The whole motor and battery system
    • The frame and most bike parts


  • What is not covered ?
    • Tyre
    • Brake Pads
    • Chain
    • Cassete (if apply)
    • Derailleur hanger
    • Wheel Truing


  • What will avoid the warranty ?
    • Removing the off road speed limit of 50kmh
    • Modifying the motor and controller without our permission.
    • Modifying the our factory gear setting
    • Water damage
    • Any external accidental breakage to any part




TEXT or CALL National Sales Team - 0487 163 447