VOLT & MOSSO Premium eBike (2018)

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26inch or 27.5inch wheels

17inch or 19inch frames

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Mosso is a well known brand in Taiwan. Its fame is built on quality & value. Volt Electric bike has been working day and night to proudly bring MOSSO frames to Australian riders.

Mosso's 7005 aerospace grade aluminum frame surpasses most 6061 grade frames. The rest of the bike screams quality - Schwalbe tyre & superb RT wheels, Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes, Air Front Suspension...



Built to Order ( 2 - 7 days )


Premium 27.5inch wheels (Urban)

  • Rear 8 Speeds System - Shimano M410 Shifter & Derailleur, Shimano IG51 or KMC X8 Chain, Shimano HG51-8/ 11-31T
  • Hydraulic Brakes - Shimano Deore M6000. 
  • Wheels - Exotic 27.5inch RC5 wheels & SCHWALBE  27.5 x 2.0 or 2.4 City Tyre (depending on the frame size)
  • 120mm AIR Shock Front Suspension


Premium 27.5inch wheels (Allroad)

  • Rear 8 Speeds System - Shimano M410 Shifter & Derailleur, Shimano IG51 or KMC X8 Chain, Shimano HG51-8/ 11-31T
  • Hydraulic Brakes - Shimano Deore M6000. 
  • Wheels - Premium 27.5inch RC3 wheels & SCHWALBE 27.5 x 2.1 off road Tyre 
  • 120mm AIR Shock Front Suspension



  • VOLT TS 250Watts 48V (Intuitive Torque Sensor System) Road legal
  • Bafang 250watts 48V (Throttle included)(350W programmed to 250w road legal)
  • Bafang 500watts 48V  (Throttle included. Brake Sensor included)
  • Bafang 750watts 48V  (Throttle included. Brake Sensor included. Gear sensor included )
  • Bafang 1000watts 48V (New Model) (Throttle included. Brake sensor included. Gear sensor included)


We have two types of motors. TS Torque sensor mid drive motors measure the weight on the pedals - the harder you push, the more power the motor provides. This type of motor "knows" what you are doing with the bike - an intuitive way to power your journey. It is also street legal.

Bafang is the industry leader when it comes to high power off-road mid drive motors. It senses the moving pedals, it kicks in after a quarter of a circle (1/4). 

A common question is which motor should I choose. Even a 250W mid drive at the lowest bicycle gear offers a very helpful amount of "Torque Push". Therefore, in general, 36v system is enough commuting power for people weigh under 100kgs. 48v system or 52V offer significantly more power for off road fun. Some people care much about top speeds. Others like us find the 0 to 25+kmh acceleration far more enjoyable.


Off Road Motor only Top Speeds (Data collected on flat Syd Roads. Rider 80kgs. For reference only)

  • 250watts 36V - 32kmh
  • 500watts 36V - 42kmh
  • 500watts 48V - 45kmh
  • 750watts 48V - 50kmh
  • 1000watts 48v - 54kmh
  • 750watts 52V - 53kmh
  • 1000watts 52v - 58kmh




It is pretty easy to choose a battery. The bigger, the better. The higher the voltage, the better

  • 11.6ah 48v LG cells. 2A charger / 6 hour charging time. Up to 50-70km
  • 14ah 48v Samsung cells. 2A charger / 7 hour charging time. Up to 60-80km
  • 17.5ah 48v Samsung cells. 5A charger / 3.5 hour charging time. Up to 80-100km
  • 17.5ah 52v Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 90-110km




Why Mid Drive?

Hub motors inside of a wheel are more popular because of they are cheap.

Mid Drive motor is a great modern eBike invention which actually connects the motor power to the bike gears! This idea that a bicycle can have a motor-powered 7-11 speed gear has come true and is fantastic.

Also, hub motors make the bike rolling resistance higher, turning resistance higher & off road riding a lot less fun.

Volt eBike Systems are professionally installed and tested by qualified engineers in Sydney with one year standard warranty on the motor and battery.


Volt eBikes are the best 'bang for the buck' electric bikes in Australia. Call Sales Manager 0434 065 129

Since 2018, Volt Electric Bikes have been approved to be Australian Made. We are super pleased about it as we worked extremely hard for it.IMG_1910

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250Watts Torque + 11.6Ah, 250Watts Torque + 14.5Ah, 500Watts + 11.6Ah 48V, 500Watts + 14Ah 48V, 1000Watts + 14Ah 48V, 1000Watts + 14.5Ah 52V, 1000Watts + 17.5Ah 52V


Urban, Allroad