VOLT Electric Bike e-Brakes

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Purposely designed and made a new tyre of hydraulic brakes with built in sensors & ceramic pads for Bafang motors 250W - 1000W or any electric hub motors or other branded electric motors (modification may be required)


Why brake sensors ? Apart from that you are not braking when the motor is still pushing you forward (for about 1 sec) and causing a lot of stress on the bike components. It also works like a "clutch", gently pull the rear brake to dis-engage the motor when cornering & shift gears (under no power)


Why hydraulic brakes? They are generally much stronger and no cable stretching issue.


Why VOLT e-brakes?  We worked with a motor bike parts factory and custom built these e-brakes and tested them on our 50 rental bikes which renters abuse them as hard as they do over a period of 3 months before releasing them. And they are exclusive.


Why can I just use external brake sensors? They are unreliable, hard to tune and can lose their connection due to a number of factors - heat, vibration, poor glue...


What about the servicing ? We purposely make all parts compatible with Shimano including olive pins, cables , bleeding process, pads.


VOLT e-brakes offer the solution for the braking performance, the reliability of brake sensors and the affordability.

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