ET.2400 Motor with Torque Sensor by VOLT

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The complete motor conversion kit.

Tools will be required.

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Product Description

Embrace the all new VOLT ET.2400 Motor. (Coming in March 2019)


Features include:

  1. Peaking around 2400watts with a 40amps sine wave controller
  2. All new Sine Wave controller algorithm for the most technologically advanced motor performance
  3. Made in Japan MOS tubes for the controller reliability and performance
  4. T stands for Torque sensor control for the most intuitive riding (Engineered by VOLT)
  5. Support 48V / 52V  /60V battery supply
  6. Super large fin for heat dissipation






The story

In 2018, "VOLT CHINA 福特中国" was officially established and co-founded after meetings between VOLT Australia and investors and engineers from "G-Force Motorbike (Wuxi, China)" ,"GMF Visual Studio (Chendu, China)",  "RKB CNC & Machining (Wuxi, China),  "E.T. Motor (Zhejiang, China)" and "RS Battery Tech (Jiangsu, China).

The goal led by VOLT Australia is to bring simply better products than similar products that are already coming out of China in terms of design, engineering & crucially importantly quality control.

VOLT ET2400 is one of them to be introduced in March 2019.