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Read here: Long term renters only !

Placing a deposit guarantees the next available bike.


1. Please read terms and conditions online

2. Please leave a $50 deposit - non refundable ( online or in person )

3. We will contact you when the next one becomes available :)

4. We only communicate with renters via text messages or emails. Thank you


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Terms and conditions (updated on 19-01) Copyright VOLT 2019



  • VOLT hereby agrees to rent to the Renter the following Bike: VOLT E Bike SNSR or SNMR Model Valued at: $2099 , and return the bike in its original and cleaned condition once the Renters stops paying the rent.


  • The Renter agrees to pay a $399.99 bond to VOLT. The bond will be used to recover a bill the Renter is liable for and fails to pay before its due date. The bond fund will be given back to the Renter after the bike has been checked and all bills the Renter is liable have been cleared within 2 working days.


  • The Renter agrees to be liable and responsible for all expenses for all parties occurring from a road accident if the renter is at fault. Please be aware and respect NSW Bicycle Laws.


  • Renter agrees that there is a 5% chance the bike may suffer minor power/battery issue and when it happens, no need to call, just bring the bike back for a repair. Please also allow up to 1-2 days for repair.


  • Renter agrees that Tyre leaking air / Tube puncture repair is always at Renter’s expense .


  • Renter agrees that the bike is in full working condition with no damaged parts and agrees to PAY to restore the bike to its full working condition if the bike gets damaged while in the possession of the Renter.


  • Renter agrees that the Rent money is NOT refundable under all circumstances. 


  • Renter agrees that Renter has to tell VOLT 5 days before the bike return or penalties apply  $14 a day.


  • Renter agrees that Renter must pay Rent on time or $20 penalty a day applies.


  • Renter agrees to pay a replacement bill of $1299 to VOLT if the renter does not pay rent and does not return the bike e.g., got stolen. Renter agrees to pay for all expense occurring in a debt recovery event and the Court Fees.