BAFANG Mid Drive Motors 250W-750W (BBS01 BBS02)

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  • Bafang 250watts 48V (Throttle included)(350W programmed to 250w road legal)
  • Bafang 500watts 48V  (Throttle included. Brake Sensor included)
  • Bafang 750watts 48V  (Throttle included. Brake Sensor included. Gear sensor included )


Bafang is the industry leader when it comes to high power off-road mid drive motors. It senses the moving pedals, it kicks in after a quarter of a circle (1/4).

Bafang 250W-750W are also called BBS01/02. All versions share the same motor body and size except the controller. And by changing the controller , you can upgrade the motor to any version you like. We mostly sell 48V motors and have them paired with 52V batteries for a number of benefits including longer motor life and more power.


Make no mistake Bafang 250W-750W are different from Bafang 1000W in terms of every thing not just watts number.



Who are Bafang ?

Bafang motors are the biggest and the most well known motor manufacturer from China. There are also other brands from other countries such as Bosch, Shimano steps...

Only Bafang produces high performance up to 1000watts off road motors and even with torque sensing.

Our 1000W motor kit includes the COLOUR display.


Why buy from VOLT?

VOLT visits Bafang on a yearly basis and orders directly from Bafang Motors in Suzhou, China. We have been working closely with Bafang in regard to motor maintenance and motor repair.
Our Bafang kit includes all standard parts.
  • Display
  • Cables
  • Mid drive motor part
  • Display
  • Speed sensor
  • Brake levers
The best reason is that VOLT offers One YEAR warranty directly from our Sydney and Melbourne store & repair service centers. It is for the peace of the mind.


Off Road Motor only Top Speeds (Data collected on flat Syd Roads. Rider 80kgs. For reference only)

  • 250watts 36V - 32kmh
  • 500watts 36V - 42kmh
  • 500watts 48V - 45kmh
  • 750watts 48V - 50kmh
  • 1000watts 48v - 54kmh
  • 750watts 52V - 53kmh
  • 1000watts 52v - 58kmh



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