“Spark” 500W /1000W (Premium)

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This is a long base bike. Suitable for riders from 170cm to 190cm

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Volt's team went through a tremendous amount of effort to design and built VOLT's first "born to be electric bike" eBike - a stylish commuting bike. It is a truly city warrior that can take on all type of roads, parks & even light off road use.

Each bike is meticulously built in house in Sydney. The battery is nicely housed into the frame so it is sturdy & sleek. 



Built to Order ( 2 - 7 days )


Premium version

  • Gears - Shimano 1 x 8 gear drive system with KMC chain
  • Hydraulic Brakes - VOLT E-Brakes with built in cut off sensors or Shimano Deore M6000.
  • Wheels - VOLT custom built 27.5inch or 29inch MTB wheels
  • Tyre - Schwalbe 2.0 Big Ben City or  27x 2.15 Smart Sam offroad 
  • Fork -  VOLT air shock 
  • Seat - Gel Seat & Satori Suspension Post / Suntour Suspension seat post $90 more





  • Bafang 250watts 48V: Throttle optional. 350W programmed to 250w road legal
  • Bafang 500watts 48V : Throttle included. Brake Sensor included
  • Bafang 1000watts 48V : New Model / completely re-engineered. Throttle included.Gear sensor included


Bafang is the industry leader when it comes to high power off-road mid drive motors. The motor senses the moving pedals,  when you pedal, the motor engages.

A common question is which motor should I choose. If you weigh under 120kg, even a 250W mid drive at low gears can give you a significant boost up the hill. However, off road motors offer a tremendous amount of power.



Off Road Motor only Top Speeds (Data collected on flat Syd Roads. Rider 80kgs. For reference only)

  • 250watts 36V - 32kmh
  • 500watts 36V - 42kmh
  • 500watts 48V - 45kmh
  • 750watts 48V - 50kmh
  • 1000watts 48v - 54kmh
  • 750watts 52V - 53kmh
  • 1000watts 52v - 58kmh


52V Battery/ Range


It is pretty easy to choose a battery. The bigger, the better. The higher the voltage, the better

  • 12ah 52v CN cells. 2A charger / 6 hour charging time. Up to 50-70km
  • 17.5ah 52v Samsung cells. 5A charger / 4 hour charging time. Up to 90-110km




Why Mid Drive?

You don't see a motor in motor cycle wheels. You don't see motors in a car wheel, do you ? Wheel hub motor ebikes are obsolete.

Mid Drive motor is a great modern eBike invention. The power is connected to bike gears! Gears allow effortless and fast hill climbing and reaching high top speeds. This range of motor power control is fun for riding. Keeping wheels light also make the bike more nimble off road. Hub motor riding feels silly in comparison.

Volt eBike Systems are professionally installed and tested by qualified engineers in Sydney with one year standard warranty on the motor and battery.

Since 2018, Volt Electric Bikes have been approved to be Australian Made. We are super pleased about it as we worked extremely hard for it




Bicycle Size issue & Gears & Style

Most motorcycles or scooters come in one size only. Ebikes with a powerful motor eliminate the need for different bicycle sizes. As long as sitting on the bike feels comfortable, a bit small or a bit large does not compromise the riding experience.


Similarly, most cars or motorcycles would not have more than 5 gears, it is true for ebikes as well. E-bikes actually do not need more than 5. We have chosen 8/9 speeds because no manufacturer is making good 5-7 speeds drive systems.


There are many styles for bicycles. There should be one for ebikes. The riding position should be more upright for maximum comfort while exercising. The bike should maneuver around corners easily. Tyre should be for all terrain and wide for grip & sturdiness.  The frame should be heavy duty to absorb impact. Brakes must be powerful. Like all things, it should look pretty.




Volt eBikes are the best electric bikes made in Australia.

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