VOLT Rack Battery 36V & 48V

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Suits all wheel sizes.

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Options are


36V 13Ah = 50Km range

48V 13Ah = 60Km range

48V 17.5Ah = 100Km range


Our pannier rack batteries have integrated rear lights for safety and night use. Battery voltage needs to match with the motor voltage.





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All batteries from all shops are packed in China using BMS controllers from Shenzhen - the electronic parts capital. We have experienced some issues with our more expensive BMS controllers. The battery failure rate is still around 5% (for high power motors and usage). We feel it is only right to state this upfront to potential customers.

We promise our warranty services. We perform lithium battery BMS controllers replacements in house for prompt repair time.

VOLT TEAM visits our battery factory in Kunshang China (near Shanghai) twice a year to provide feedback to production lines and develop new ideas. This year so far, we have introduced "Parrot pack mini" "Shark pack mini" for a slim look because customers want a more stealth look and we brought this feedback to the factory.

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36V 13Ah, 48V 13Ah, 48V 17.5Ah


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