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Product Description

Pedal is an Australian bicycle company producing decent bikes at affordable prices. We empowered it with a mid drive electric bike motor and now your trips to work or shops have never been this easy and convenient.


A steel frame provides classical retro-style tubing, as well as offering a more comfortable ride thanks to the way the material absorbs bumps in the road. A fully customised chain cover and integrated double sided chain guard gives maximum protection from clothes getting stuck, and the chain dropping of during your ride. Colour matched mudguards help complete the vintage look, as well as protecting your clothes from any puddles you happen to ride through.


  • Uptown Blue
  • Uptown Green
  • Uptown Yellow
  • Uptown White
  • Uptown Black
  • Uptown Red




  • VOLT TS 250Watts 36V (Torque Sensor)
  • Bafang 500watts 36v or 48V  (Throttle included)


We have two types of motors. TS Torque sensor mid drive motors measure the weight on the pedals - the harder you push, the more power the motor provides. This type of motor "knows" what you are doing with the bike - an intuitive way to power your journey. It is also street legal.


Bafang is the industry leader when it comes to high power off-road mid drive motors. It senses the moving pedals, it kicks in after a quarter of a circle (1/4).





It is pretty easy to choose a battery. The bigger, the better. The Motor / Battery Voltages need to match. Please go to the "eBike Battery" page for any further information.




  • Helmet,
  • Lock,
  • Large LED lights
  • Mud guards
  • Kick stand



Why Mid Drive?

Hub motors inside of a wheel are more popular because of they are cheap.

Mid Drive motor is a great modern eBike invention which actually connects the motor power to the bike gears! This idea that a bicycle can have a motor-powered 7-11 speed gear has come true and is fantastic.

Also, hub motors make the bike rolling resistance higher, turning resistance higher & off road riding a lot less fun.

Volt eBike Systems are professionally installed and tested by qualified engineers in Sydney with one year standard warranty on the motor and battery.



Call 0434 065 129

Additional information


250W TS Motor street legal + 13AH CN Battery, 500W 36V Motor + 13AH CN Battery


Uptown Blue, Uptown Green, Uptown Yellow, Uptown White, Uptown Black, Uptown Red