Push Bike to eBike Conversion 500W – 1000W Off Road

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Product Description

VOLT ELECTRIC BIKE is offering an amazing deal.


We have two stores - Sydney & Melbourne


How does it work?

  • Bring us a bike new or used to our Sydney and Melbourne store for a convention to an ebike.
  • Tell us which new bike you want, we will buy it for you and convert the bike for you and post it to you. All hassle free.



What are included ?

  • Professional Installation and Testing
  • Motor  x 1
  • Battery  x 1
  • Warranty




Call National Sales Manager: 0487 163 447




Volt Electric Bike Australia was founded in 2016 and set out to introduce high performance, stylish and affordable e-bicycles to the market. In 2018, VOLT Electric Bikes have been officially approved to be AUSTRALIAN MADE. We are super pleased as we worked extremely hard for it.

What makes us Australian ? People assume it means every component is made in Australia which will never be the case in today’s world. Most Shimano (Japanese Engineering) components are made in Malaysia, Most Schwalbe tyres (German Engineering) are made in Thailand… etc.

At VOLT, we design and engineer some components such as eBike frames, forks, ebike batteries…etc. We develop our ebike prototypes and manufacture them all in Sydney Australia (5 hours per bike) because we want to be “closer to be the production, the quality control & keep talented technicians around”.