Bafang G510 Tuned up to 2500Watts by VOLT ET


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Product Description

Please note this motor requires a custom built frame.


VOLT ET.2500 (or 250) MOTOR is manufactured by our contractor Bafang China and re-engineered by VOLT!  Starting in March 2019, the motor will proudly have the VOLT logo.


Features include:

  • Peaking around 2500watts with 42A sine wave controller with a 60V battery supply
  • Can be paired with 48V 52V 60V battery supplies
  • T stands for Torque sensor control for the most innovative and intuitive way to ride an
  • Re-engineered MOS tubes for the controller reliability and performance
  • Super large fin for heat dissipation
  • All new Sine Wave controller algorithm for the most technologically advanced motor performance


This motor will be available with VOLT next generation e.bikes. COMING IN HOT. Embrace it.



What's included ?


  • G510 Motor
  • Cp18 display (eco and sport mode)
  • display cable (throttle or non throttle)
  • 42T Chainring
  • Pedal arms
  • Small parts
  • throttle
  • Metal Gear inside (Nylon Gear got replaced)


Please note that "Ultra" was an old name that some sellers still refer to.


Thank you