BAFANG M215 Mid Drive Motor 100mm 1000W*

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100mm Version


This is the 100mm version of Bafang G310 for Fat Bike conversions.



Best & Only High Current Powerful Motors

VOLT are the experts in electric motors and lithium batteries. We upgrade the motor core with high quality grease. We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China. We work with Bafang and program their motors for the best tuned performance.


We have debunked the myth surrounding BAFANG motors. Bafang motor M215 or BBS0102 are essentially the same with different "limits" imposed by computers. This is very different from 1.8L engines and 3.8L engines which you would not say they are the same.  We have verified this by tearing apart the motor and confronted senior engineers at the Bafang factory in Suzhou (face to face). What it means is that Bafang should have charged us the same price for their motors with different "watts stickers" on them but they had not and resellers just follow.

However, M615 or BBSHD is a complete different motor that was redesigned and engineered with the goal to improve all the issues with the older model M215. Bafang engineers (our friends) had to sleep in the factory during the final stage of two year long development and after burning 4 millions of cash. Do not just get confused by the watts number only. This nominal 1000W M615 Peak at 1500W+ mid drive motor is miles better than the older version in every way!





Nominal 250Watts Motor 48-52V system/ Road Legal

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG M215 motor CORE.
  • 48V-60V Controller for 48V or 52V batteries
  • Peak 550Watts. Current 11A or 12A. Programmed settings.
  • Top Speed limited to 25kmh.



Peak 1000watts 48V- 52V system

  • Pedal Assist & throttle enabled BAFANG M215 motor CORE.
  • 48V - 60V Bafang Controller for 48V batteries or 52V batteries (Nominal)
  • Peak 1000Watts 52V 20A. Or 48V 21A.  Programmed settings.
  • Top Speed around 40-45kmh.
  • Brake Sensor Free gift.




Who are Bafang ?

Bafang motors are the biggest and the most well known motor manufacturer from China. There are also other brands from other countries such as Bosch, Shimano steps...

Only Bafang produces high performance high current high torque off road motors and even with the torque sensing function.




Why Mid Drive? Why VOLT?!

You don't see motors in motor cycle wheels. You don't see motors in a car wheels. Wheel hub motor ebikes are obsolete.

Mid Drive motor is a great new eBike invention. The power is connected to bike gears! And gears facilitate effortless hill climbing as well as high top speeds. This range of control is fun for riding. Also, keeping wheels light makes the bike nimble for off road use. Hub motor riding feels silly in comparison.

At VOLT, We work vigorously on assembling electric bikes and our engineering practices. We are constantly developing new products as we are obsessed to create better products.

Since 2018, Volt Electric Bikes have been approved to be Australian Made. Our two workshops in Sydney & Melbourne provide the national support to our customers over warranty issues and repair service.



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